Swift part 1

Since my last post on this blog I’ve changed a job, now working for a big outsourcing company, locating in Kiev, Ukraine. My job position is Full Stack and one of the tasks assigned to me was about iOS development. I did not have any experience (if don’t count Ionic Framework which I run under … Continue reading Swift part 1


What you must know to get Frontend job?

Last year a big amount of people changed their job, their specialization from University and moved into IT, someone started web marketing, others learned Linux and Windows administration but the biggest part of them enrolled in Frontend courses. Right now a lot of courses around and most of them have shine posters with promises that after 1, … Continue reading What you must know to get Frontend job?

Samples of jUnit tests for old project

Today I wanna show some of the cases when Unit tests helped me do refactoring and keep eyes on codebase changes by programmers who works remotely. One day I received a task to create endpoint which allows adding new defect object - basically, show JSP page where located form with some parameters and inputs (We … Continue reading Samples of jUnit tests for old project


Dealing with wrong development process

Most of the programmers don’t start their working project from scratch when they come to new work but instead, they may get an old bunch of legacy codebase. I have the experience to work on a project which I call “Enterprise Frankenstein”. Many years of development without any consideration about architecture, good practice, automative testings … Continue reading Dealing with wrong development process


Start project (simple web app). Basic requirements

Before you start any project from a scratch try to write down Specification where describe the concept, main entities, relationships etc. More details you provide more clear will be how to make this project for you and your team. Remember if there is UI then it is really necessary to have a design (even simple mockup will … Continue reading Start project (simple web app). Basic requirements