What you must know to get Frontend job?


Last year a big amount of people changed their job, their specialization from University and moved into IT, someone started web marketing, others learned Linux and Windows administration but the biggest part of them enrolled in Frontend courses. Right now a lot of courses around and most of them have shine posters with promises that after 1, 2 or 3 months (depends on the course) person who finish it become a good frontend developer.  People paying a quite big price for this without any proves from the company they will be able to work on a real project and one of my friends got into this situation.

Basic bits of knowledge “must know” for Frontend junior developer nowadays:

  • JavaSript (Objects, functions, Strings, Arrays, setTimeout, setInterval, loops)
  • HTML/CSS (markups by divs, responsive page markup)
  • JS libraries and frameworks:
    • jQuery (selectors, ajax, animation)
    • Angular (JS or 2)
  • UI Frameworks:
    • jQuery-ui (tabs, accordion, autocomplete, sortable, drag&drop, image gallery plugins)
    • Bootstrap (UI elements like buttons, inputs, alerts,  thumbnails, etc.)
    • AngularUI (Calendar, TinyMCE, ui-grid)
  • Patterns:
    • MVC, MVVM, MVP
  • NodeJS (npm, gulp, grunt)

For most of the projects, even no need Angular yet and NodeJS (it’s temporary and soon more and more will integrate it but now we still have a lot with jQuery/Bootstrap/{own_code} and tasks to them can handle a person with basic knowledge and understanding JS/HTML/CSS).


I visited one Frontend courses company in Kiev city, Ukraine. On the advertisement, they said: “After our course, you become Frontend developer ready to work”. After half of the course (6 lessons), students don’t have any clue how to bind an event handler to a button on the page. Some of them even don’t know how to connect JS script to HTML page. This company has very strange way to teach – never check homework, never analyze mistakes and explain how should it be done. Will not dive deep into details just after watching video of one final test which each student of this course has to pass I would definitely not hire a person who finished it because most likely this person is far not ready to real work tasks.

The main purpose of this article is to warn people who going start to learn programming or another IT subject on commercial courses. Before you bring money to one of this company do your best to find people who already graduated and ask them if they could find a job, what was useful from course etc. And always remember if you wanna work in IT you should be able always to study by yourself.



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